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Swim Mastery Front Crawl Courses for Adults

Learn how to swim front crawl so your body works as a single connected unit to maximise your forward movement in the water with as little effort as possible. Swim Mastery coaching draws on human biomechanics to ensure swimmers are only taught movements that keep their joints safe and keep your body in alignment to maximise forward movement in the water. You learn to work with the water rather than fight it. 

This course also includes an assessment of your functional (daily) breathing habits. How we breathe on a daily basis at rest determines how we breathe during physical exercise. Therefore, this course will give you some feedback on your own breathing patterns and how to improve them to help your swimming.

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Front Crawl for Beginners

This 6 week course is either for people who already swim breaststroke and would like to learn front crawl, or for people who can swim one or two lengths of front crawl already but struggle with co-ordinating the breathing or another aspect of the stroke.

Next Beginner Course Dates:

Online Classroom: date tbc

Pool sessions:

Mondays, 7.30pm-8.30pm, date tbc

Front Crawl for Improvers

This 6 week course is for swimmers who can already swim a minimum of 200m front crawl but who want to improve the efficiency of their stroke.

Next Improvers Course Dates:

               dates tbc

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