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Front Crawl for Beginners

Course Requirements

This course is either for people who already swim breaststroke or another stroke and would like to learn front crawl, or for people who can swim one or two lengths of front crawl but struggle with co-ordinating the breathing or another aspect of the stroke. 

Swimmers must already be happy with putting their face in the water. 

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 Course Details

Each course will have a maximum of 4 swimmers as this is appropriate for the size of pool we will be learning in and also allows the coach to tailor each session to your individual needs. 

Sessions are suitable for adults (18+) of all ages. You may want to learn front crawl for fitness, triathlon or open water swimming. You do not need to be very fit, just healthy and enthusiastic to learn. The sessions aim to be fun and relaxed and do not require you to swim a lot of distance. We will be focusing on learning and imprinting new or more efficient swim movements, so it is often more mentally than physically tiring, but research has shown that this is the most effective way to learn. 


The course runs over 6 weeks. The first week is an online classroom session to introduce swimmers to the Swim Mastery methodology of teaching. This includes learning how your body and brain behave in the water and why swimming and breathing are often so challenging for humans.  As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I can assess your current daily breathing patterns and we can look at how this might affect your swimming performance. This will be useful information to have prior to the pool-based lessons.   We also address any concerns or difficulties you have encountered when trying to swim front crawl or any questions you have about it. This classroom session is a great opportunity to get to know the other participants before starting in the pool and sharing your current swimming experiences and goals. 

The following 5 weeks will be hourly pool-based sessions covering all the fundamentals of the front crawl stroke. In the first session, the coach will do a video analysis of each swimmer and videos will be taken again in the last session so you can see your progress. There will also be video feedback as appropriate during the sessions as seeing your swim movements is a really great learning tool. Any useful video clips taken during the sessions will be sent to you afterwards to help support your practice between sessions. You will also receive a summary of what we covered in each session. This will help you practice between sessions but also be a reference following the course as you will need to continue to practice to imprint all the stroke elements.

To maximise your progress and learning experience, you ideally need to be able to practice twice a week between pool sessions.

The pool-based sessions are held in a private 9m pool in Fairwarp on Ashdown Forest. The full address and directions are sent upon booking.


This 6 week course costs £210. 

Please email Marianne to book your place or feel free to call if you have any questions.


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