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​Why not try learning a different stroke?


Most people, especially if you are a triathlete, want to improve their front crawl technique, so most clients seeking swim coaching are thinking about their front crawl technique. 


Have you thought about improving a different stroke or learning a new one? Cross-training with different strokes benefits your overall swimming skill and fitness and provides new challenges. 

As well as front crawl, you can learn or improve breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly with Weightless Swimming. As with front crawl, we teach a more efficient form of all the strokes.


Learn to maximise forward movement, improve head-to-toe balance, streamline underwater, to keep your arm pull and leg kick compact and to breathe effortlessly. We tend to move our heads up and down far too much and waste energy, so a critical skill to increasing efficiency in breaststroke (and butterfly) is to minimise head movement, particularly when breathing.


Learn a relaxed, balanced, supported body position to help you slip through the water more easily.  Minimise drag and turbulence with good streamlining by lengthening your body. Similar to freestyle, backstroke is a 'long-axis' stroke where your body weight is shifted from side-to-side whilst moving your arms and legs alternately. Working on this stroke will help your freestyle and you can learn a fun drill, combining both strokes.


Learn to minimise drag and streamline underwater to save energy. As with breaststroke, learn to minimise up-and-down movement and to hug the surface when stroking. Learn a more compact and light kick to further save energy. Learn to work with natural forces rather than over-working muscles and to keep your head aligned at all times for seamless breathing (as in breaststroke). 

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