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 Breathe2Swim Camp Sussex

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Share a beautiful Sussex reservoir with the local bird and wildlife during dawn, moonlight and daytime swims, combined with Oxygen Advantage breathwork sessions to optimise your swimming performance.

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Trip Overview

- 3 days
- 2 nights Glamping
- Open Water Swimming
- Oxygen Advantage breathwork sessions

- up to 3km/day, optional 4km swim


Dates: 05 Sep - 07 Sep, 2022


Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

Breathe2Swim Camp Highlights

  • Dawn swim followed by breakfast at the water's edge
  • Secret Moonlight swim followed by Aldo's (locally) famous Italian soup
  • leisurely 4 km swim tour of the reservoir
  • Glamping on a rural Sussex farm within walking distance of the reservoir
  • Oxygen Advantage breathwork sessions to improve your health and sports performance
  • Coached open water swimming skills session
  • Video feedback on your front crawl technique in open water

Trip Description

Trip Description

Participants will have the privilege of swimming in one of Sussex's most beautiful reservoirs over three days. WeirWood Reservoir is teaming with bird and wildlife and you will get to experience this at dawn, under the moonlight, as well as during the day.


Who is this trip for?

This swim camp is designed for swimmers who want :

- a fun and relaxed glamping experience on a Sussex farm

- to experience a range of guided open water swimming experiences at a leisurely pace in a beautiful reservoir  

- to learn how to improve their general health, mental wellbeing and swimming/sports performance through breath work. 

Why Combine Breathwork and Swimming?

What is required to be able to swim any distance outdoors with good technique and with ease, to feel relaxed and calm in deep, sometimes choppy open water, to deal with cold water temperatures, and to optimise performance in swim events? ...Efficient breathing. 

As swimmers, we can practice the mechanics of turning our head to breath efficiently and get the timing right, but there is a lot more to efficient breathing and we have to look at our daily breathing patterns on land to indicate how well we might be breathing during physical exercise. 

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