Swim Secure Products

I've recently become a stockist of Swim Secure products as I have used them myself as an open water swimmer for years, so have the knowledge and experience to help and educate others and particularly newer open water swimmers about them. 


The bright orange or pink tow floats and dry bags are designed to keep you highly visible in open water. There may be boats, fishing and other water sports going on where you are swimming and the bright floats increase your visibility to others, keeping you safer.

Tow Floats

  Orange Tow Float                    £20   
Pink Tow Float
Tow Donut
Hydration Float

Dry Bags

Wild Swim Bag 30L
Dry Bag 20L/35L
Dry Bag Window 28L
Waterproof Bum Bags
       £12.50 each

If you want somewhere to put your keys and phone, or perhaps inhaler or energy gel during your swim, the tow donut has an integrated dry bag for such items on the top. Alternatively, the bum bags which you wear round your waist will hold similar items. These are particularly useful for beach holidays when you all want to go for a swim together and keep the hire car keys and money with you. Tow floats are compulsory for some swim events, such as the Thames Marathon. During this event in 2018, I used my orange tow float and a bum bag to keep my energy gels and phone in. The hydration float has an open top pocket for you to keep a 750ml drink bottle with you on your swim.

If you want to have a bit more of an adventure and perhaps swim to a pub or to a town, and be able to get out of the water, take off your wetsuit and dry yourself and get dressed, the dry bags allow you this flexibility. They have an inflatable compartment so they float like the tow float, but also have a storage compartment for a towel, change of clothes, shoes, etc. They come in different sizes, depending on how many items you want to take with you. I stock 20l, 28l, 35l but you can also get 50l dry bags.


I currently sell the following products at my pool where I teach Total Immersion swimming and at Weir Wood Reservoir where I coach open water skills during the swim sessions from April to October.


If you would like to buy any of these products online, P&P costs £2.80 in addition to the above prices.

Please email: weightlessswimming@gmail.com

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