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Swim Mastery SwimTech Club

Weightless Swimming runs a weekly Guided Practice session for adults in a 25m pool for fitness/recreational swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers who want to improve their front crawl technique, along with their fitness. This session runs all year round. 

During the summer months, a weekly open water swim training session is run at WeirWood Reservoir to give open water swimmers a structured session to work on front crawl technique, open water skills and fitness. This session is not just for competitive swimmers, but for anyone wanting to improve their open water swimming. 

If you are interested in joining either of these sessions, please email Marianne:


"The weekly adult swim sessions have opened up a wider range of focal points for me, from open water skills to tumble turns in the pool - the list is endless! Definitely feel my stroke technique, stamina and speed have improved as a result. Plus, I really enjoy swimming in a group"   Houri A (March 2022)

"Marianne's Tuesday evening adult swim sessions are fun, engaging sessions for swimmers of all abilities. Exercises focus on technique and general fitness. Marianne is an intuitive and dedicated coach and she offers helpful visualisations and drills, breaking the front crawl stroke down into individual elements that can be practised and refined. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this group to anyone looking to improve their swimming in a positive and supportive context." Carrie F (April 2022)

"As a novice swimmer, I was worried that the adult swim sessions would be too advanced. I now realise - whatever our level - we are all working on the same things whether arm recovery, kick or stroke timing. Group camaraderie is an added bonus!" Lisa B (April 2022)

"Marianne takes swimming coaching and transforms it into art. Highly Recommended." Vitali J (May 2022)


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Swim Tech Club

These weekly sessions focus heavily on improving front crawl technique, following Swim Mastery principles, whilst also working on fitness. Short video clips are sometimes taken to give live technique feedback. We also work on other strokes, which may be new for some swimmers but are good for cross training. Many swimmers are also open water swimmers or would like to start open water swimming, therefore we also build in open water skills in some sessions to prepare for open water events or build confidence for open water swimming. Swimmers like the social aspect of the group and a key ingredient is FUN! We are planning some open water swims together or supporting each other at open water events this summer.

Tuesdays @ 7.30pm-8.30pm

Cumnor House Sussex

London Road

Danehill, Haywards Heath

RH17 7HT

£20 per session (discount for block bookings)

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Open Water Swim Training

Saturdays Mornings 

June to September

WeirWood Reservoir, RH18 5HT

£15 per person

*usual lake swim entry fee applies

There is a focus on efficient front crawl and breathing technique, open water swimming skills (sighting, turning at buoys, drafting, etc.) and fitness. Short video clips may be taken to give live feedback or to send to swimmers afterwards, when learning a new skill or working on a certain technique point. This session is suitable for people who can already swim a minimum of 500m front crawl comfortably. Everyone is welcome to join this structured swim session to improve their technique, fitness or open water skills....and have some fun! 

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