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Swimmers' Testimonials

"Just to let you know I went swimming today and tried out my new breaststroke - it's incredible :) soooo relaxing and yet I did more lengths! I could have kept going - I even found myself smiling on more than one occasion underwater as it was such fun :) :) :) thank you soooo much.  Elisa I (March 2022)

"My husband and son were recently introduced to open water swimming, with the amazing coach Marianne from Weightless Swimming. While both are strong swimmers, they were very much reassured by the techniques and guidance that were offered, from what to wear, how to prepare, safety measures and an in depth look at how to breathe! The icing on the cake for them was the instructions alongside their videos, which is already improving their stroke in the water, and for my son in competitive swimming. We highly recommend both WeirWood Reservoir and Marianne for your open water experience too."     Mrs H (August 2021)


"Thanks so much for the videos and the practice summary and more particularly for the lesson on Tuesday - it has really buoyed me up all week.  I so enjoyed learning from you and understanding your comments about what I was doing OK and what I needed to change.  It seems like quite a lot at the moment but I do understand that it will take time to put it all together and you have given me some places to start.  These videos are so useful and your arrows and commentary really help to explain what I need to do and why."    Belinda G (April 2021)


"Just to let you know the half ironman went well. Surprisingly the swim was my favourite bit! I felt really good and relaxed in the water. Think it took 49 minutes. Thanks for the training!"    Christian J (June 2019)


"I have been taking front crawl lessons with Marianne for around six months, and barely thought it possible that swimming tuition could be so enjoyable and productive. As a keen and experienced open water swimmer who swims purely for enjoyment, I initially contacted Marianne and took one lesson out of curiosity. I had little expectation of learning changes to my technique that I would come to value. After my first lesson I was hooked. Flaws in my old technique were immediately obvious, and Marianne explained how many of the things I was doing were wasting energy and putting unnecessary strain on my body. 


Marianne’s teaching method is relaxed, friendly, and crystal clear. Shortly after each lesson I am provided with superb audio annotated video analysis, both under and over water. Often, sections of these films are shown in slow-mo, and stop-motion, and sometimes graphics are superimposed over a frozen frame during her commentary, displaying, for example, adjustments to be made or correct alignments to be sought whilst practising. This is an invaluable resource for studying the evolution of my swimming, and a powerful tool in aiding the mastery of new technique.


For anyone wishing to learn efficient swimming, and to correct aspects of their technique that are so hard to spot, let alone change, during solo swimming, lessons with Marianne are guaranteed to set up long term improvements. Swim Mastery is designed for maximum efficiency and effortless travel through the water, and above all it emphasises posture and movements that minimise strain on any part of the body, thereby all but eliminating the possibility of injury whilst swimming, no matter how often or far you swim. Learning this technique has been, and continues to be a revelation, and I am immensely grateful to Marianne for such great tuition. Sea swimming in particular has long been my very favourite activity, and now it is more enjoyable than it has ever been”.       Harry W (April 2019)


"Thank you so much for sending these videos through; I can't wait to sit down and watch through them all! I really enjoyed our lesson and got so much out of it; you really are a wonderful and very patient teacher!"         Elinor C (first lesson, new to front crawl, Sep 2018)

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