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Swim Mastery
Front Crawl Workshop

Next Workshop: Watch this space!
Cumnor House Sussex, London Road, Haywards Heath,  RH17 7HT

In this front crawl workshop, we teach you the building blocks to a more efficient front crawl stroke. You’ll learn how to connect and shape your body to develop better balance and stability to more easily slide forward in the water and breathe with less effort. Swim Mastery coaching draws on current science of human biomechanics, hydrodynamics and physics to inform their teaching. You’ll also learn what to practice and how to practice to effectively imprint these new/more efficient swim movements. These workshops are suitable for adult swimmers who struggle with front crawl and for more advanced swimmers who want to swim further with more ease. These workshops are run by highly skilled coaches who provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for swimmers. 


This front crawl workshop is suitable for people who can already swim a minimum of 50m front crawl and are happy putting their face in the water and being out of their depth. If you get tired after a couple of lengths, struggle with the breathing, or want to become more efficient for open water swimming or events, this is the course for you! 

The workshop will be a mix of classroom and pool-based sessions. The classroom sessions will introduce you to the principles of biomechanics, physics, and hydrodynamics that informs Swim Mastery coaching and the science behind efficient swimming. There will also be video analysis of your swims during the day and these will be sent to you after the workshop.

You will spend a total of 4 hours in the pool, 2 hours in the the morning and 2 hours after lunch, learning how to connect your body as a single unit and look after your joints to minimise injury and create more forward momentum. 

This course covers the fundamentals of front crawl which include breath management, building the frame (connected body), learning to be streamlined to move through the water more easily and breathing mechanics. For participants who have completed this course, there will be a follow on course learning more advanced skills.

From our experience, most swimmers, however experienced, need to go back to the fundamentals to really improve their efficiency and speed and to learn correct joint mechanics to minimise injury. Therefore, this course is suitable for marathon swimmers, triathletes and recreational swimmers.

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Next Workshop:
Watch this space!
Cumnor House Sussex, London Road, Haywards Heath,  RH17 7HT
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